Complete Payroll Solutions with Professional Touch

Complete payroll solutions designed to save small businesses and S corp owners time and resources.

Payroll outsourcing comes with an all-star dedicated payroll team. Reduce the risk of costly payroll errors and free up your time to focus on running your business.

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Small Business Payroll Made Easy

Payroll processing and management can be complicated enough with even one employee. Our complete payroll solutions have a dedicated team to eliminate payroll tax errors and save you time and money.

Complete payroll solutions

Your complete payroll solutions include payroll processing, federal and state tax payments, all payroll tax filings, direct deposit, and more.

Payroll outsourcing services

Run your payroll fast, quickly, and secure way through an online portal at your convenience. Your employees can view their paychecks and reports.

Easy payroll tax set-up

Unlike most online payroll companies, our experienced payroll team handles all your complicated federal and state payroll tax registrations.

S corp payroll

As an S corp owner, you must pay yourself a reasonable salary subject to payroll taxes such as Social Security and Medicare. Our complete payroll solutions help manage your S corp payroll and ensure compliance with all payroll tax regulations. By staying on top of the S corp payroll, you can avoid costly penalties and fines and ensure your business complies.

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Easy set-up
We handle all the details of setting owner salary for S corp payroll. S corp owners must get reasonable salary from the business.

Affordable price
Get the best deal on S-Corporation shareholder payroll. Your S corp payroll will be done properly and save you penalty and risk.

Monthly payroll
We process monthly shareholder payroll automatically. Access all your payroll documents easily and make changes whenever you need.

Direct deposit
Your don’t have to write a single check with our payroll management service. You get your S corp salary deposited directly to owners-employee bank account and all the payroll taxes paid on time.

Freedom Plan for Self-employed
We also offer special tax and accounting plan to one owner businesses to optimize taxes. That includes quarterly expense report, S corp payroll and S corp tax filing.
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Payroll outsourcing is tailored to small businesses, self-employed, and S corporation owners

Pay your workforce on time and grow your team. We’ll keep you and your hires complaint with ever-changing taxes and regulations.

Complete payroll solutions

Managing payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming task for a small business owner. Our complete payroll solutions provide a way to outsource the entire payroll process to NumberSquad, saving you time and resources. With can help attract and retain top talent.

Reduce expensive payroll errors

Payroll tax errors can result in costly penalties, fines, and legal consequences for small business owners. With our complete payroll solutions, you can streamline your payroll processes, reduce the risk of errors, and help your business run more efficiently.

Focus managing your team

Our complete payroll solutions include calculating and processing employee payroll, managing tax payments, and maintaining accurate records. By utilizing our complete payroll solution, you can ensure compliance with payroll tax regulations while freeing up time to focus on other areas of your business.

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Single touch payroll

Payroll outsourcing that saves you time and trouble. Payroll apps with simple platform and seamless features.

Online Payroll

Get your payroll done anytime from anywhere.

Mobile app

Mobile access to process payroll on the go.

Employee Self-Service

Gain efficiency with less burden.


Flexible payroll options for unexpected moments.

Manager Self-Security

Access your information quickly and conveniently.

Affordable pricing

Simple, straightforward pricing for everything your payroll needs.
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Stress-free payroll managment

Get all the payroll features you need to grow your business.

Grow your Team

Delegate all your payroll tasks to us, you grow your team

Paycheck Processing

Direct Deposits

Payroll Reports

Payroll Tax Return Filings

Payroll Tax Payments

Help from payroll experts, who care
about your team

If you are a new employer, we help you register to the correct agencies.

Get accurate and fast answers to your all payroll and tax questions.

IRS Letters
We help you to understand and respond all payroll tax letters and IRS notices.
Custom Payroll Solutions

Payroll taxes filed

Our experienced tax professionals can guide you through the payroll tax process and help you devise a sound decision.


Federal payroll tax returns
We calculate and file all your federal payroll tax returns to the IRS. No additional fees.

State payroll tax returns
We file all your state payroll tax forms to the right agency. No additional fees.

W2 & W3 forms
We file your W2 and W3 forms to the Social Security Administration.

W2 forms for employees
Accurate and timely w-2 forms are prepared automatically for your employees.

Payroll Resourses For Small Business Owners

multi-state payroll

Multi-State Payroll

If you operate your business in more than one state, you may need a multi-state payroll. Learn how to manage your multi-state payroll.

salary vs wages

Salary vs. Wage

Compensations of employees comes in different forms. Get more information what are the options to pay your employees.


Timing is important

If you are not happy with your current payroll provider, consider a new one. See when is the best time to switch your payroll.

Frequently asked questions

How much NumberSquad payroll service cost?

Our payroll service price depends on the number of employees you have in your team. See our pricing plan for under payroll tab.

What does my full-service payroll include?

We process your employees paychecks, file all federal and state payroll returns, and pay your federal and state payroll taxes. Accurate, flexible & efficient payroll management service for your growing business.

We provide you year-end reports: w2s and W3.

Where I can get NumberSquad payroll service?

NumberSquad main office is located in Fairfax, VA. We provide payroll service to any small business located in Virginia, DC and MD.