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Complete Service Package to Reduce Taxes for Self-Employed

You focus on your freelance work; We’ll do all the paperwork to reduce your taxes and free you from the tax filing hassle.

Uncover your tax deductions

Don't leave money on the table by missing valuable tax deductions. Our expert team will help you to benefit from all the deductible expenses and tax credits.

Simplified and streamlined process

While your dedicated tax and accounting team will do all the work in the background, you will be able to follow the work process and have secure access to all your documents.

Everything-in-one place solution

You don't need to waste your time and energy by chasing different companies and organizing documents. Access your financial reports and tax documents in one software.

Limit your risk and reduce liability

We design right company structure and separate your business and personal finances. Lets do it right way and you avoid IRS penalties and legal issues.

Trusted by over 650 small business owners and self employed

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We change your business structure to S Corp to save you on self-employment and income taxes. We’ll take care of all aspects of the work.

How it works

how it works

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Onboarding and collecting information. Company formation if necessary. S corp. election. Setting up S corp. shareholder payroll.

Quarterly Deduction Report

Categorizing bank account and credit card transactions. Adjusting home office, auto expense, Augusta rule and uncovering other deductions

Estimated Tax

Calculating federal and state estimated tax. Paying estimated taxes to avoid unnecessary penalty and interest. State estimated tax is deductible in the year it is paid.

Tax return filing

Year-end tax deduction report is ready. Your business and personal taxes are filed. You will enjoy tax season without hassle and save a lot of money from taxes.

Affordable Pricing

Our freedom plan offers clear and simple pricing plans for Self Employed. Choose from one of our two plans and join to hundreds of self-employed.

Paid Monthly



S corp. election

Shareholder payroll

Quarterly deduction report

Quarterly tax guide

Quarterly estimated tax payment

Annual S corp. tax filing

Paid Annually



S corp. election

Shareholder payroll

Quarterly deduction report

Quarterly tax guide

Quarterly estimated tax payment

Annual S corp. tax filing

Why to work with NumberSquad?

NumberSquad put all the necessary resources together to reduce taxes for self employed. You focus on what you do best, we’ll take care of all the details.

expert tax team, bookkeeping experts

Dedicated Expert Team

Your dedicated team of tax experts, bookkeeping professionals and payroll specialists will take care of every aspect of the work. We are open year-around.

easy to start your incorporation

Customized Software

You will be able to manage your finances easily through our web and mobile application; DocuPort. Get organized and save time, effort and labor.

how our incorporate service works

Responsive service

Meet your dedicated account manager at NumberSquad. No need to waste time trying to reach different service providers. Get answers fast when you need.

Compare and choose the right path

We present below an example of 3 seniors for a 120K annual income earner; (1) a W-2 employee who works for an employer, (2) regular 1099 contracting who files as sole proprietor, (3) self employed who chooses our freedom plan.

Estimates may change due to individual circumstances.




Tax you pay

In your pocket

IRS problem risk

Legal Liability

Tax season stess

Service Provider Choice

W-2 Employee








Local accountant, Turbotax, H&R Block

1099 Contractor








Local accountant, Keeper tax, Turbotax

w/Freedom Plan







No Stress

Only Freedom plan by NumberSquad

Tax planning for Self-Employed; We research, you save

Our experienced tax professional can guide you through the tax process – both as it is and how it will change in the future – and help you devise a sound business tax plan.

Tax Planning

Business income estimation

Expenses determination

Business tax structure

Possible tax credit identification

Devise the best tax strategy for your needs

1099 filings

Stay in compliance by reporting payments in correct 1099 forms.

1099-NEC Forms

Get the help you need to report all the payments accurately to your independent contractors.

1099-Misc Forms

Reporting payments to independent contractors may not be enough. You may have to still report rent and other payments.

1099-INT Forms

So often growing businesses borrow money from family/friends or private lenders. We file your interest payments.

Reporting payment made to freelancers, contractors and vendors

1099 reporting deadline is January 31.

Collect vendors and contractors information through W9 form and report payments by filing 1099-NEC or 1099-Misc.

self-employed freelancers

1099 Reporting

How to File 1099 Forms for Freelancers, Contractors, and Vendors?

1099 forms for self employed reporting

1099-Misc. vs 1099-NEC

which form should you use to report contractor payments?

1099 vs W9

1099 vs W-9 Form

How to collect your subcontractors information to file 1099?

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Serving small businesses all over the US

NumberSquad is an online Small Business Accounting firm. We file small business taxes in 50 states and District of Columbia.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of taxes NumberSquad do?

Our tax professionals (in Fairfax, VA) provide all kinds of small business tax preparation; s-corporation, LLC taxes, partnership tax return, and corporation tax returns.

We also prepare business owners personal taxes.

Additionally, we take care of our clients 1099s, business license, tangible personal property returns and sales taxes.