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Affordable and accurate restaurant accounting services save you time, money, and cost.
Outsource all your restaurant accounting and taxes in one place, and you focus on your customers.

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All-in-one Restaurant Accounting Services

You take care of your customers, we will handle your restaurant bookkeeping, annual tax prep, payroll, and sales tax filing.

Restaurant Bookkeeping

Monthly bookkeeping services for your restaurant and cafe. We take care of all your bank reconciliation, categorizing transactions, and financial report.

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Timely Tax Prep

An expert team experienced in restaurant tax preparation and filing. We save you money and stress by filing all your federal and state taxes timely and accurately.

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Outsourced Payroll Service

You manage your team; we'll take care of your restaurant payroll. Our full service restaurant payroll comes with a dedicated team to help with all your questions.

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Sales Tax Filing

Sales and meal taxes for restaurants and cafes can be complicated and stressful. We'll file all your monthly sales tax and help you avoid penalties and hassles.

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Affordable Pricing Plans for Your Restaurant Accounting

Choices of services and affordable plans for every restaurant and cafe.

How it works

Restaurant bookkeeping plans start at $145 / month.

Save money on monthly Quickbooks Online subscriptions.

Payroll service is just $99/month if you have five or fewer employees.

Restaurant tax prep for $495; LLC and S-Corp tax returns.

Check our transparent and affordable package pricing.
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Restaurant Accounting Tailored for Your Need

We save you time and effort so that you can focus on growing and managing your restaurant and cafe.

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One-stop restaurant accounting

Our restaurant accounting service includes monthly bookkeeping, year-end tax filing, and payroll processing. Save time and money dealing with multiple companies.

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Expert team support

Our dedicated team specializes in small business accounting and tax services. We handle many restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments accounting.

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All-in-one document management

Access all your company and finacial documents easly. Effortless and in-one-place document management software make your restaurant accounting simple.

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Everything Else You Need For Your Restaurant Accounting

We handle accounting and tax services for more than a hundred restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food establishments.

Sales Tax for Restaurants

Accurate and timely sales tax filing for your establishment. We get your sales report directly from your POS software and file your monthly sales tax automatically. Avoid mistakes and penalties, let our expert team and software take care of it for you.

Workers Comp Insurance Audit

We classify your employees accurately and prepare your workers compensation audit insurance filing to save you money on insurance bills. Inaccurate and late reporting can cost you additional money.

State and Locality Compliance

Depending on your restaurant location, you may need to file additional state and locality filing requirements such as business license renewal, business tangible personal property and franchise tax filing. We take care all of those for you.

Frequently asked questions

What accounting services does NumberSquad provide for restaurants?

NumberSquad is full service restaurant accounting and tax firm. We provide bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax preparation, sales tax filing, financial reporting franchisees financial reporting, state and locality filings, workers compensation and insurance audit services for restaurants.

Is NumberSquad bookkeeping or accounting software?

NumberSquad is an online accounting frim. We have built DocuPort app to make document management and work-flow easy for our clients. Other software such as QuickBooks is integrated to our app to save money, time and effort for our clients.

How much does it cost to hire NumberSquad?

It depends what you choose and how big is your company.

You can choose either one service or bundle them and get additional discount.

Size of your company also affects the pricing since the higher the revenue the more work and time we have to spend.

Our bookkeeping pricing include plans for companies with the revenue up to 3 million. Bookkeeping pricing starts at $195 per month.

Payroll pricing depends on the number of employees. Payroll plans starts at $145.

If your company generates more than 3 million in revenue (for payroll: if you have more than 30 employees), please contact us at 703-865-6161 or email us at

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Can I cancel my service contract anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your service anytime. No question asked. No penalty.

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Where is NumberSquad office located?

NumberSquad is an online accounting firm located in Fairfax, VA. Most of our current clients are from nearby cities such as Chantilly, VA, Manassas, VA, Alexandria, VA,  Arlington, VA, Washington, DC, Rockville, MD, Bethesda, MD and Gaithersburg, MD.

However we provide accounting and tax services to any small-business in the US.