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Scale your startup and outsource your bookkeeping, tax prep, and payroll hassle to us.

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Get in control of your finances

Startup Bookkeeping

Work with expert bookkeepers who understand startup finance.

Correct Tax Filing

Get your C Corp. and Delaware tax filing correct and on time.

Payroll for Startups

Attract talents to your team and get your employees paid on time.

One stop financial solution

Outsource your bookkeeping, tax prep, and payroll from one place and work with right financial experts.

One stop financial solution

Keep Your Finances Organized
Secure access to your financial documents anytime anywhere in the palms of your hands.

Streamlined Process
Easy and simple work-flow through mobile app and client portal.

Expert Team
Tax professionals, bookkeeping experts, and payroll specialist know how to handle startup finance.

Affordable plans

Plans right for every growing business. Get a package deal if you combine your bookkeeping and payroll service.

Planning in Meeting

Bookkeeping plans starting at $145 /month.

Payroll plans starting at $99 / month.

Package deal starting at $295 / month and discount on business tax filing.
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Frequently asked questions

Why does a Startup need to hire a good accounting firm?

Here are top four reasons for Startups to hire an accounting firm:

  1. Founders should not spend to much time on financial record keeping. They need to focus on growing the company.
  2. Investors most probably will ask for Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Burn Rate and Cash Flow Statement. You don’t want to delay or say you don’t have one.
  3. If you raised outside capital, you will be accountable from the spending. You need to have proper expense tracking and financial recordkeeping.
  4. If your financial records don’t tie to your bank statements, your company may be overcharged or you have bank errors.

Why NumberSquad is good for Startups?

Since NumberSquad is a Startup itself, our team is very familiar with all the financial and tax problems of Startups. We are building app, growing company, dealing with investors and so on. We know what kind of accounting system Startups need.

What financial and tax services NumberSquad provide to Startups?

NumberSquad provides streamlined bookkeeping, payroll and tax services. Our app makes it easy for Startup founders to have full control of their Startup finances and taxes without any hassle.