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You avoid taxes and stress, we’ll take care of all the details. Small business taxes made easy.

Complete and simplified tax preparation service designed for Small Businesses, Business Owners, and Self Employers.

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More than tax filing; Small business taxes for success!

Tax returns are very important documents for small businesses, e.g., bank loans – file accurate returns on time, legally lower your taxes, and make it useful for your success.

Your experienced tax team

Dedicated team specialized in small business taxes. Certifications include CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent.

Open for business year-around

Get the support you need throughout the year either you received a notice, IRS letter or tax question.

We handle all the details

If you don't have your numbers ready, our catch-up bookkeeping will discover all the deductions for your business.

Trusted by over 650 small business owners

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Streamlined small business tax filing process

On-time tax filing for small businesses and owners together. Clear and responsive process make the tax season stress-free.

One Stop Tax Service

All your small business taxes

S Corp

S Corp offers small business owners potential tax savings and the ability to pass through profits and losses to their personal tax returns, also reducing self-employment taxes.

Single Member LLC Taxes

Single Member LLC taxes filed as S Corporation reduces self-employment taxes and provide more potential write-offs while maintaining limited liability protection.

Independent Contractor Taxes

Introducing our Freedom Plan, which includes S Corporation election, tax filing, quarterly deduction reports, and S Corp owner payroll, designed to save taxes and reduce hassle for independent contractors such as freelancers, consultants, self-employed professionals, and gig workers.

C Corporation Taxes

C corporations are required to file a separate tax return from their owners, allowing for potential tax savings and the ability to reinvest profits in the business while also providing limited liability protection to shareholders.

Non Profit Tax Returns: 990 form

Filing non-profit tax returns on time, such as Form 990, can help organizations maintain their tax-exempt status, avoid penalties and interest, and provide transparency to stakeholders and potential donors.

Learn about our Freedom plan for Independent Contractor Taxes

Affordable service for everyone

Clear and fair pricing for your business size – now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in retainers without knowing your cost.

See our tax prep pricing

Right company type

Benefit tax saving right company structure for tax stature. We file your S Corp election to save you on self-employment taxes.

Maximize tax deductions

Our catch-up or monthly bookkeeping categorizes all your business expenses. We make sure you don't forget any tax deductions.

Tax credit discovery

With our tax experts in your corner, you will not miss any qualifying tax credits. Keep the money in your business.

Tax planning to minimize your taxes

Tax planning is the proactive and strategic management of your finances, expenses, and deductions to minimize tax liability while complying with tax laws specifically designed for small business owners and freelancers.

Get help from our experienced tax professional to devise a sound business tax plan using tax deductions and strategies such as home office deductions, Sep IRA, and  Augusta Rule.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services for Small businesses Owners and Self-employed

Effective tax plan for your business’s tax obligations, minimize your tax liability, and avoid any potential tax issues down the line.

Choose the right business structure:

The type of business entity you choose affects how you’re taxed. Choose the one that’s best for your business.

Understand deductible expenses:

Identify which expenses are deductible. Make sure you don’t miss any write-off and tax credits.

Take advantage of tax credits:

Tax credits can significantly reduce tax liability. We’ll research to discover tax credits your business may be eligible for.

Plan for retirement and save on taxes:

Consider setting up a retirement plan such as a 401(k) or SEP-IRA, which can lower your taxable income and save for the future. 

Learn how to choose the right entity type

1099 filings

Stay in compliance by reporting payments in correct 1099 forms.

1099-NEC Forms

Get the help you need to report all the payments accurately to your independent contractors.

1099-Misc Forms

Reporting payments to independent contractors may not be enough. You may have to still report rent and other payments.

1099-INT Forms

So often growing businesses borrow money from family/friends or private lenders. We file your interest payments.

Tax filing deadline

We help you choose the right corporate structure for your business. Don’t wait for the last minute, get your year-end tax documents ready.

S corporation (Form 1120-S) and partnership (Form 1065) tax returns (and extension filing for those returns) for 2022 are due March 15, 2023.  If you apply for an extension, your new filing due date is September 15.

Corporation (1120) filing (and extension filing for corporation) is due April 17, 2023. f you apply for an extension, your new filing due date is October 15.

Extension form for all those business returns is 7004.

Year-end financial reports

7 tips on how to do bookkeeping for your business to get your financials ready for tax preparation.

Types of Income Tax

There many types of income tax. Learn more about purpose and types of income taxes in the US.

Avoid IRS penalties

In reality, tax penalties are a reality for most people. Find out the right way to avoid IRS penalties.

Augusta Rule

Genrate additional tax deductions by renting your home to your business using Augusta Rule.

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Our tax service is best for

Get dedicated tax team of CPA’s, EA’s and tax experts in your corner. We are specialized in small business tax preparation and filing.

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Small businesses & owners
Keep running your business, outsource your personal and business tax prep and filing responsibility to us.

Self-employed - S Corp. tax filing
Complete solution for self-employed tax filing. Save on self-employment taxes by filing S-corporation tax return.

Startups and Tech Companies
Focus on growth and KPIs while we keep you in compliance and get your R&D (Research and Development) tax credit.

Professional Service Companies
You focus on your clients and services. We'll take care of your bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll processing.

Even though you don’t seek to earn profit, you still need to be in compliance with the tax law. With our tax service we make sure you file your taxes on time.

Gig-Economy Let us help you to reduce your taxes by taking advantage of all the tax deductions you deserve.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax compliance done right

Identifying your sales tax responsibility

Registering your state sales tax account

Filing your sales tax in a timely manner

Business Personal Property Tax

We file your accurate business tangible property tax return.

Tax saving strategies for a sole proprietorship business

Other Tax Services

IRS audit representation

Sales tax audit representation

Back taxes

Installment payment set up

R&D tax credit

Serving small businesses all over the US

NumberSquad is an online Small Business Accounting firm. We file small business taxes in 50 states and District of Columbia.

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NumberSquad has been recognized as one of the Best of Tax Accounting Firm in Fairfax, VA due to providing exceptional service.

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