Accounter for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Spending too much time and energy on your business finances and taxes, not your business?

We can fix that. Accounter is an accounting service tailored to Small Businesses, Business Owners, and Self Employers.

You focus on your business, we’ll take care of your accounting and taxes.

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What is accounter?

Accounter is an accounting and tax solution designed to save time, effort and labor for entrepreneurs and self-employed.

Pay less taxes

Our dedicated team of CPA's, IRS Enrolled Agent and tax professionals are specialized in small businesses and self-employed taxes.

Up-to-date financials

Online bookkeeping service designed for small businesses. Stay on top of your finances and manage your money with our accounter bookkeeping.

Easy & reliable payroll

Easy and reliable small business payroll software and experienced payroll team to help you every aspect of your payroll management.

All-in-one service

Accounter is a one-stop finance shop for small businesses and self employed. Your bookkeeping, tax prep and payroll services together.

Business owners love NumberSquad

Accounter is an accounting and tax solution designed to save time, effort and labor for entrepreneurs and self-employed.

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Small business bookkeeping

Bookkeeping service that makes your financial reports crystal clear and up-to date.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly bookkeeping to calculate your business income and expenses. Manage your money in the palms of your hand.

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Catch-up Bookkeeping

Our catch-up bookkeeping is right for you if you want us to get your business financials up-to date.

self-employment tax

Stress free tax service

Our tax solution is designed to minimize taxes for small business owners and self-employed.

Right tax structure

Get the help to choose right corporate structure. We file your S Corp election to save you on self-employment taxes.

Accurate tax returns

Our experienced team make sure you don't miss any tax deductions and credits right for you.

On-time tax filing

Let us prepare and file your taxes on time. Don't miss the deadline, avoid penalties.

Open year-around

Get answers to your questions and all the support you need any time during the year.

Small business payroll service

Pay your employees on time and stay in compliance by filing your payroll taxes on time. Get expert help whenever you need.

Tax saving strategies for a sole proprietorship business

Easy-to-manage payroll for your business.

Payroll processing


Direct deposit

Payroll tax filing

W2 forms for your employees
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Affordable and clear pricing.

Choose the accouner pricing plan right for you.

Clear pricing for your business size – now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in retainers without estimating your cost.

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Accounting and tax service tailored to your needs

We are here to help any small business: growing companies, mom & shop businesses, self-employed and big dreamers.

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Small businesses & owners
Keep running your business, outsource your personal and business tax prep and filing responsibility to us.

Startups and Tech Companies
Focus on growth and KPIs while we keep you in compliance and get your R&D (Research and Development) tax credit.

Professional Service Companies
You focus on your clients and services. We'll take care of your bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll processing.

Even though you don’t seek to earn profit, you still need to be in compliance with the tax law. With our tax service we make sure you file your taxes on time.

Gig-Economy Let us help you to reduce your taxes by taking advantage of all the tax deductions you deserve.

Additional resources for small business owners

Important facts and information about accounting and taxes.

meaning of accounter is someone account keeper.

More about Accounter

Is the accounter and accountant same thing? Learn more about meaning of accounter.

most common types of accounting

Types of Accounting

There are several types of accounting. Most common accounting types are tax accounting, management accounting, and financial accounting.

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More about accounter.

Find answers for more questions:

Why many people use accounter word instead of accounting?

The answer is the spelling and pronunciations are very similar. Accounter is actually someone who keeps records of events according to English dictionaries.  Nowadays many people refer to an accountant when they say that. Diversity in the US demographics and new terminologies change meaning of words over time.

Accounter is an accountant

Accounters are account keepers in English dictionaries, but mostly referred to accountants. Accountants are professionals doing bookkeeping, calculations, taxes and auditing for companies and prepare financial reports.

What an accounter do?

Accounters are doing accounting, which is a process of preparing and reporting a company's financial records. Meaning of words change over the time. And people use words for different things.

Types of accountants

Accounters, accountants, either work for companies or accounting firms. Accountants that work for companies are corporate accountants. Accountants who work for accounting firms are called public accounts such as CPA's.

What is NumberSquad?

NumberSquad is an accounting firm for small businesses.

What does NumberSquad do?

NumberSquad provide bookkeeping, tax prep and payroll services for small businesses.