Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Focus on what you do best, we will take care of your books from recording transactions to bank reconciliation.

Bookkeeping services to save you time, money, and hassle.

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Small Business Bookkeeping

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Grow and manage your business with accurate financial reports. Dedicated team and bookkeeping service tailored to small businesses and self employed needs.

bookkeeping services

Monthly Bookkeeping

Get your financial reports every single month; accurate bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, recording all your spending, and categorizing every single transaction.

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bank reconciliation

Catch up Bookkeeping

Fast and affordable solution to get your business financial records back on track. Catch up bookkeeping pricing is 50% off monthly pricing for new clients only.

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quarterly bookkeeping

Self employed plan

Quarterly bookkeeping for self employed. We keep track of all your business transactions. Year-end financial reports for your stress-free tax season.

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Benefits of our Outsourced Bookkeeping

Accurate bookkeeping that comes with valuable features to help you succeed.

Full charge bookkeeping

Professional bookkeeping team to provide you reliable and accurate financial reports on time.

Bookkeeping and tax services

Outsource bookkeeping together with tax services, eliminate all your hassle.

Mobile and web convenience

Manage your business finances in the palms of your hands and save time and effort.

Bookkeeping with quickbooks

We integrate with QuickBooks. Bookkeeping with QuickBooks and intuit bookkeeping certification.

Small business owners love NumberSquad bookkeeping services

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Monthly Bookkeeping

Receive your financial statements every single month. Stay on top of your business.

Profit & Loss Statement
Financial report that shows all your income and expenses. We categorize all your business transactions accurately.

Balance Sheet
See how much is your business net cash. Money in your bank account is not your profit. Monitor your company net worth.

Cash-flow Statement
Control your money, see how much coming-in and going-out. Monitor your company’s cash inflow and outflow activities.

Bank reconciliation
We make sure every single transaction in your bank account and credit card has been recorded accurately every month.
Small Business Bookkeeping

Catch-up Bookkeeping

Let us get your financial records up-to date.

Get up-to-date

If you fell behind on your bookkeeping, no problem: we can get your books up to date.

Year-end Reports

Get your books ready for tax time by signing up our affordable small business bookkeeping service.

Clean-up Errors

We can clean-up your books and prepare financials for investors
or bank loan.

Bottom line bookkeeping

Professional bookkeeping services come with the right technology.

Mobile App

Expert Team
You don’t have to deal with software, our dedicated team handles your bookkeeping from categorizing transactions to bank reconciliation.

Quickbooks Online
We take care of your bookkeeping with Quickbooks We set-up the software, sink your transactions, prepare your monthly financial reports.

DocuPort Mobile App
Convenient mobile app to access, share, organize and monitor your financial reports from anywhere in the palms of your hands.

Online Software & Tools
Secure and safe place for your confidential documents. Eliminate paper files, drives, attachments, and tedious platforms.
Pricing for Bookkeeping Plans

Bookkeeping service for everyone

We are serving small businesses in different industries and fields.

Office Workspace

Restaurant bookkeeping

Ecommerce bookkeeping

Construction bookkeeping

Law firm bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for medical

Bookkeeping for startups

Dental bookkeeping

Nonprofit bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for real estate agents

What is bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping services involve the systematic recording, organizing, and maintaining of financial transactions for businesses, ensuring accurate financial records and compliance with tax requirements.

Basic bookkeeping

Basic bookkeeping records day-to-day financial transactions such as sales, expenses, and payments.

Accounts payable

Accounts payable manages and tracks money the business owes suppliers or creditors.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable monitor and collects payments owed to the business by customers or clients.

Payroll processing:

Payroll processing manages employee wages, deductions, and tax withholdings for accurate and timely payments.

Financial reporting:

Financial reporting is preparing financial statements, such as income statements and balance sheets, to provide insights into the business’s financial health.

Benefits of bookkeeping service

There are several important benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping services save time and improve financial accuracy for small business owners and self-employed individuals, enabling them to focus on running and growing their businesses while ensuring tax savings and compliance. Bookkeeping services also facilitate cash flow management, financial reporting, and scalability, contributing to their businesses’ overall financial health and success.

Accurate bookkeeping

Professional bookkeeping services get you more accurate financial reports. You will need accurate bookkeeping for tax perp and bank loans.


Hiring a bookkeeping service can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee to take care of all your business bookkeeping tasks.


Bookkeeping can be very time-consuming. It requires knowledge and attention to detail. A bookkeeping service can handle all these tasks.

Bookkeeping tips for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping expertise in key industries: Save time, money, and effort.

Restaurant Bookkeeping

Restaurant bookkeeping is tracking and recording financial transactions in a restaurant, such as sales revenue, food and beverage costs, labor costs, and overhead expenses.

More about Restaurant Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for Medical

Bookkeeping for medical practicessaves time and money. That involves recording and tracking patient billing and payments and expenses such as supplies, staff salaries, and rent.

More about Bookkeeping for Medical

Bookkeeping for Real Estate Agents

Bookkeeping for real estate agents is helps them run their operations successfully, discover more tax deductions, benefit from tax planning and have peace of mind during tax season.

More about Bookkeeping for Real Estate Agents

Construction Bookkeeping

Construction bookkeeping is the process of managing and recording financial transactions for a construction business, including income, expenses, and project costs.

Learn more about Construction Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

Nonprofit bookkeeping is recording transactions, maintaining accurate records of spending, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws.

More about Non-profit Bookkeeping

More reasons to hire outsourced bookkeeping services

Small business owners should hire outsourced bookkeeping services and focus on other essential aspects of the business.

Reduce Your Expenses

Get your monthly financials. Make sure nothing is overpaid. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, sneaky subscriptions and overcharged fees.

Uncover Your Deductions

Don't miss any expenses and maximize your tax deductions. Take action based on your numbers before the year ends to minimize your taxes.

Financial Confidence

Timely financial reports for your bank loans, investors, partners and landlords. Submit your financial statements with confidence.

Control Your Money

Accurate financial reports that you can count on. Make sound business decisions based on actual numbers. Take control of your cash-flow.

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Our locations

NumberSquad provides online bookkeeping services for small businesses across the US. Our physical locations cover Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax, VA Office

10400 Eaton Place
Suite 355
Fairfax, VA 22030
(Main Office)

tysons corner

Tysons Corner, VA Office

1775 Tyson Blvd
WeWork Space
Tysons Corner, VA 22102
(Appointment only)

bookkeeping in Reston, VA

Reston, VA Office

1900 Campus Commons Dr.
Suite 100
Reston, VA 20191
(Appointment only)

Rockville, MD

Rockville, MD Office

1 Research Court
Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850
(Appointment only)

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping helps you to be aware of your income and expenses. You will be in control of your business and make better business decisions when you have accurate financial reports.

Additionally, bookkeeping can help you to save on taxes by deducting all your expenses and avoid unnecessary penalties by filing accurate and timely taxes.

Learn more about benefits of monthly bookkeeping.

Which bookkeeping software does NumberSquad use?

We use Quickbooks Online (QBO) to do our clients bookkeeping. If you already have subscription with Quickbooks online you can give us accountant access. If have not started your bookkeeping yet, we can help you to sign up most convenient plan and set it up for you.

What's included in NumberSquad bookkeeping service?

Our dedicated team will do all the work, from categorizing transaction to preparing finical statements.

Learn more about what does a bookkeeper do.

What qualifications does my NumberSquad bookkeeper have?

Our bookkeeping team consists of  experienced professionals who have degree in accounting or similar fields. We train each employee to meet our standards. They are detail oriented and willing to help.

Learn more about why hiring a bookkeeper.

Is NumberSquad bookkeeping affordable?

Our small business bookkeeping service is affordable and pricing is based on the gross annual sales of your business. That helps us to price our service fairly. See also our accounter page.

See our bookkeeping plans.

How can I get bookkeeping service from NumberSquad?

NumberSquad is located in Fairfax, VA but we are online bookkeeping company. Our bookkeepers in Fairfax provide online bookkeeping service all over the nation. Start with signing up from our website or contact us at 703-865-6161 and we will help you to get started.

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