Small Business Bookkeeping Made Easy

Focus on what you do best, we will take care of your books from recording transactions to reconciling bank accounts.

You will get your financial statements every single month.

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Small Business Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers virtually next to you

Minimize Your Expenses

Get your monthly financials. Make sure nothing is overpaid. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, sneaky subscriptions and overcharged fees.

Maximize Your Deductions

Don't miss any expenses and maximize your tax deductions. Take action based on your numbers before the year ends to minimize your taxes.

Financial Confidence

Timely financial reports for your bank loans, investors, partners and landlords. Submit your financial statements with confidence.

Control Your Money

Accurate financial reports that you can count on. Make sound business decisions based on actual numbers. Take control of your cash-flow.

Stay on top of your business

Receive your financial statements every single month.

Small Business Bookkeeping

Profit & Loss Statement
List of your sales and expense items. We categorize all your business transactions accurately.

Balance Sheet
List of your business assets: bank balance, receivables, fixed assets, deposits.
List of your liabilities: payables, credit card balance, tax payable, loan balance.
And your net worth : investments you made and distributions you take from the business.

Cash-flow Statement
Monitor your company’s cash inflow and outflow activities.

Catch-up Bookkeeping

Get up-to-date

If you fell behind on your bookkeeping, no problem: we can get your books up to date.

Year-end Reports

Get your books ready for tax time by signing up our affordable small business bookkeeping service.

Clean-up Errors

We can clean-up your books and prepare financials for investors
or bank loan.

Experienced professionals and advanced financial technology

Mobile App

Expert Team
You don’t deal with software, a dedicated bookkeeping team handles your books.

Free Quickbooks Online
We work with Quickbooks Online for bookkeeping. A free subscription is included if you choose a package plan ($50 or more value)

DocuPort Mobile App
Upload, access, share, organize and monitor your financial documents from anywhere anytime. Secure and safe place for your confidential documents. Eliminate paper files, drives, attachments, and tedious platforms.
Pricing for Bookkeeping Plans

Keep doing what you do best, we will take care of all your bookkeeping tasks and deliver you accurate financial reports.

Setting up chart of accounts

Transaction entry

Categorizing expenses

Recording deposits

Fixed Asset

Bank and credit card reconciliation

We made bookkeeping easy for small businesses.

Office Workspace

Restaurants and cafes

E-commerce businesses

Doctor & dental offices

Retail stores & wholesale

Professional services

Tech start-ups

Construction Industry

Dance & yoga studios


Frequently asked questions

Why do I need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping helps you to be aware of your income and expenses. You will be in control of your business and make better business decisions when you have accurate financial reports.

Bookkeeping can help you to save on taxes by deducting all your expenses and avoid unnecessary penalties by filing accurate and timely taxes. Our monthly small business bookkeeping service can help you to make tax-saving strategies before year-end.

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Which bookkeeping software does NumberSquad use?

We use Quickbooks Online (QBO) to do our clients bookkeeping. If you already have subscription with Quickbooks online you can give us accountant access. If you are a new business owner or have not started your bookkeeping yet, we can help you to sign up most convenient plan and set it up for you.

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What's included in NumberSquad bookkeeping service?

NumberSquad full service bookkeeping includes categorizing your income and expenses, recording transaction accurately, and reconciling your bank accounts.

We contact you to ask questions about the transactions we are not sure about in order to categorize them accurately. We make adjustments if necessary and provide you monthly financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet, cash-flow statement).

Learn more about what does a bookkeeper do.

What qualifications does my NumberSquad bookkeeper have?

Our bookkeeping team consists of  experienced professionals who have degree in accounting or similar fields. We train each employee to make sure they deliver quality bookkeeping service and produce accurate financial reports. They are detail oriented and willing to help.

Learn more about why hiring a bookkeeper.

Is NumberSquad bookkeeping affordable?

Yes, our small business bookkeeping service is affordable and pricing is based on the gross annual sales of your business. That gives us an idea how much time and effort it will cost us. It also helps to understand how much a client can afford.

See our bookkeeping plans.

How can I get bookkeeping service from NumberSquad?

NumberSquad is located in Fairfax, VA but we are online bookkeeping company. Our bookkeepers in Fairfax provide online bookkeeping service all over the nation. Start with signing up from our website or contact us at 703-865-6161 and we will help you to get started.

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