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Don’t waste your valuable time, we will take care of your non-profit organization tax filing on time.

Experienced pros and best technology

Experienced pros and best technology

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Frequently asked questions

Why Non-Profits need a good accounting firm?

Non-profits collect donations and grants and Directors and Officers of Non-Profits are responsible for all the spending. They need to track expenses properly.

However, their focus should be organizing and implementing the activities the non-profit exists for. They should not spend too much time for financial record keeping.

Why NumberSquad is good for Non-profits?

NumberSquad provide complete financial and tax solution for non-profits. You don’t need to deal with many firms or platforms. NumberSquad build DocuPort to make non-profit accounting and taxes easy.

NumberSquad currently provides financial and tax services over 20 non-profit clients. We also crate non-profit organizations and file application (From 1023) with the IRS for charitable exemption recognition status.

NumberSquad provides affordable accounting and tax services.

What services does NumberSquad provide for non-profits?

NumberSquad provides complete and easy financial and tax services for non-profits at an affordable rate.

Exempt organizations can streamline their bookkeeping, payroll and taxes through NumberSquad.

Additionally NumberSquad helped many officers and directors to open their non-profit organization and get exempt status from the IRS.

NumberSquad made non-profit accounting and taxes easy and affordable.