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One-stop solution for foreigners to open a company in USA and streamline finances and taxes.

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Open and Run Your US Business Remotely

Mobile or online experience makes it convenient to start and manage your US business finances and taxes.

One-Stop Shop

One-stop solution to register your company in the US, mailing address in Virginia, help to open bank account, ongoing accounting and tax service.

Hassle-Free Solution

Easy communication and secure access to all your documents. Manage your US company finances and taxes in the palm of your hands.

Affordable and Clear

Business set up pricing is $500. That includes government fees and a mailing address in Virginia, USA. Accounting fees start from $150.

Multiple Languages

We speak Turkish and Russian in addition to English. Our team members have a lot of experience working with non-residents and foreigners.

We Made It Simple and Easy

Get all the support you need to open and run your business in USA.

Company Registration and Set Up

Company Registration
and Set-Up

Company registration in the US. You don't need to be in USA.

Free Registered Agent service in Virginia.

Tax Identification number (EIN) for your company.

Operating Agreement for your company.

Guidance to open a bank account in the US for your company.

Free mailing address in Virginia, USA for your company.

Easy and fast mail forwarding through our DocuPort app.

Annual filing service for your company to keep in good standing.
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Affordable Accounting and Tax Services

Annual federal and state tax filings for your US company.

Sales tax account registration and monthly sales tax returns filing service.

ITIN application for company owners.

Monthly bookkeeping and bank account reconciliation.

Monthly financial statements and year-end documents for tax filing.

Payroll processing and payroll tax filing service if you hire employees in the US.

Annual 1099 reporting for your vendors and contractors.

Business license and business property tax return preparation.
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Affordable Accounting and Tax Services

You’re in good company. We are trusted by over 500 small business owners.

Expert Team Support

Work with professional team with international experience. Get one-on-one support when you need it.

The Best Financial Tools

Giving great service requires the right service tools.

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Mobile Convenience

Mobile app experience to manage your US company finances and taxes.

Secure and Safe

Easy and secure access to your reports and confidential documents.

Use your phone camera to upload financial and tax documents.

Upload documents directly from the web, email, text or WhatsApp.

Share files directly from the app through email, text or WhatsApp.
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Get organized

Find all your documents and reports easily in one place.

Manage all your company financials and taxes eastly from anywhere.

Give collaborator limited or full access to the people you trust.

Easy and smooth communication and exchange files.
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Frequently asked questions

What is NumberSquad?

NumberSquad is an online small business accounting firm located in USA.

We provide streamlined bookkeeping, payroll and tax services through our app and only work with small business owners.

Our team have international experience and we open company for foreigners who are interested to do business in the US. We make it easy for them to open business bank account for their USA company and provide address and ongoing support services to them.

Most of our international clients do e-commerce ( amazon, shopify, wayfare, ebay, walmart), technology and remote service business in USA.

How much does it cost to hire NumberSquad to open business in USA?

Our pricing for foreigners to open business in USA is $500. That includes government fees and an address.

We also help you to open bank account for your business.

NumberSquad also provides affordable accounting and tax services.

See our pricing plans.

Does NumberSquad provide free company registration for foreign investors?

NumberSquad currently provides free LLC registration in Virginia for the people who are US residents and have social security numbers.

Which information and documents do I need to provide in order to open a business in the USA?

Foreigners need to fill out the application forma and pay $500 fee. We get all the necessary information from that application form to open your company.

We also need a government issued picture id from the business owners. Copy of passport from your country would be the best.