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The world meets to celebrate women’s historical and contemporary contributions every year.

Women’s History Month starts on March 1 and finishes on March 31, during which we give extra attention to the many fantastic accomplishments of strong, intelligent, and determined women.

Every woman has a unique gift to share and a fantastic story to tell. Therefore, the world dedicates a month to empowering and celebrating powerful women. So, this article discussed the importance of women’s history month and ways you can observe it:

A Quick Glance at Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration that seeks to spotlight amazing women’s many contributions and accomplishments every March.

Key Dates to Remember during Women’s History Month

Let’s discuss critical dates you must remember when celebrating and commemorating Women’s History Month:

  • The 8th of March is International Women’s Day, which was established in 1911.
  • March 03, 1913, the first significant March on Washington took place.
  • The National Women’s Party was founded in March 1917 by a group of dedicated and resolute women.
  • March 01, 1971, Title IX became law in the United States, prohibiting sex-based discrimination in federally financed educational institutions.
  • The Equal Rights Amendment was enacted by the Senate on March 22, 1972.

The History of National Women’s Month

Let’s go back in time to discuss the history of National Women’s Month:

The Inception of National Women’s Month

Most historians credit the School District of Sonoma in California for kindling enthusiasm and dedication for equal rights and women’s History month.

According to historians, in 1987, the local area organized and celebrated a week of women’s contributions and accomplishments in culture, history, and society. During their week-long celebration, hundreds of participants wrote educational essays, conducted class presentations, and organized a parade across Santa Rosa.

After that, in 1981, the U.S. recognized and publicly appreciated women’s contributions by creating a public law in Congress. So, the law stated that starting March 7, a week would be dedicated to women’s History Month.

Every year, the nation would celebrate a week in March, recognizing and appreciating women’s efforts for the next five years. But after 1987, the National Women’s History Project’s petition resulted in the entire March becoming ‘Women’s History Month.’

Who Founded Women’s History Month?

The founders of the NWHA are:

  • Bette Morgan
  • Molly Murphy MacGregor
  • Mary Ruthsdotter
  • Maria Cuevas
  • Paula Hammet

These women got together in 1980, and it was their unwavering determination that ultimately resulted in Women’s History Month.

Reasons to Celebrate Women’s History Month

The celebration of Women’s History Month date back to the weeklong recognition of women’s contributions to history, culture, and society organized in 1978.

So, children and adults gave presentations, participated in a ‘Real Woman’ essay contest, and held a parade.

In conclusion, The idea caught on quickly with different educational programs, communities, and schools. Now the world celebrates the event in the entire month of March.

A Quick Glance at International Women’s Day

IWD is a global celebration that spotlights women’s cultural, economic, political, and social achievements.

Firstly, the world observed International Women’s Day on March 8, 1911. As a result, most countries, including the U.S., celebrate the day with educational initiatives, demonstrations, and unique customs.

The United Nations first sponsored International Women’s Day in 1975 and has continued to do so. After that, according to the UN General Assembly, they support the IWD, ‘To recognize that securing the full enjoyment of human rights requires the involvement, development, and equality of women.

Colors that Represent International Women’s Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day. So, to stand in solidarity of the day, many people across the globe wear the official color of IWD- purple.

What is the Theme of Women’s History Month in 2022?

The theme of Women’s History Month in 2022 is to ‘Provide Healing, Promoting Hope.’

The theme is a tribute to the relentless work and determination of caregivers and frontline workers. Therefore, women across various cultures have provided healing and hope during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fun Ways to Observe Women’s History Month 2022

Here we’ve listed fun yet educational ways you can enjoy and observe Women’s History Month in 2022:

Playing Women’s History Games and Quizzes

Playing a fun-themed activity with your friends, family members, or coworkers is an excellent way of celebrating women’s history month.

Create a DIY version of women’s history games and quizzes by trying the following virtual games:

  • Museum Story Telling
  • Women’s History Jeopardy
  • Virtual Escape Quest
  • Women’s History Month Empowerment Game

Hosting an Exciting Virtual Event

If your employees work from home, consider setting up a virtual event.

For instance, try yoga classes, book clubs, or Q&A sessions with guest speakers to bring women and allies together to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Conducting Informational Sessions

Spend some time discussing topics affecting women by conducting virtual breakout sessions. Ensure that you end informational sessions by providing attendees with resources to read, listen, and watch.

Having a Girl’s Lunch

Firstly, grab your favorite cousin, your best friend, aunt, granny, or mom to enjoy a delightful breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Spending one-on-one quality time with the unique and influential women in your life is an excellent way of reconnecting and hearing stories you could never have imagined.

Giving to Charity or Contributing to Women Philanthropy

Encourage your family, coworkers, and school to honor Women’s History Month by donating to charity and contributing to women’s philanthropy or non-profit organizations.

In addition, find an organization that supports their causes and consider donating. By doing so, your company will help make a difference in the lives of lovely ladies worldwide.

Spreading Awareness about Women’s History Month

So, a straightforward yet effective way of celebrating and spreading awareness about Women’s History Month is by sharing educational articles and infographics on social media.

Moreover, you may add inspiring quotes and catchy videos on your social media platform.

The Bottom Line

Several museums in the U.S. showcase the accomplishments of women. If you don’t live near one, you may visit a fun exhibit.

For many years, women did not get the recognition they deserved. Every March, we uncover and recall the critical roles played by women.